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"Brandi brought great value to multiple of our projects -- facilitating our thinking, summarizing progress and identifying tasks, writing drafts of key products, co-training with me, and exploring new ways of making meaning out of data. She is a terrific person and a first rate resource, especially on the use of data for improvement."

- Dale A. Blyth, Howland Endowed Chair in Youth Leadership Development, University of Minnesota

“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with Brandi on our Social and Emotional Learning initiative over the last few years. She helped create our Ways of Being framework, develop and deliver training curriculum, and design practical resources especially around using data for improvement. Brandi is astute, insightful, responsive, creative and passionate.”

-Kate Walker, Center for Youth Development, University of Minnesota

Check out the SEL in Practice toolkit + Ways of Being model we developed.

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"Brandi's approach to measurement is practical and smart. She helped us work within our current capacity to build tools that will tell us if our methods are effective and if our participants lives are changing because of the work we do. We now have a measurement method that will work to help consistently do better and be better equipped to share our story."

- Ellen Walthour, Executive Director, The BrandLab

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"Brandi Olson Consulting provided a great balance of knowledge in the fields of youth development and data-driven program design. The impact measurement process resulted in our program having a clear connection between instruction, evaluation and ongoing quality improvement."

- Joani Essenburg, Executive Director, Banyan Community

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"Brandi far exceeded my expectations on the data visualization project we were working on together. I have been so impressed by her professionalism, clear communication, and orientation to detail. She had an incredible vision, and she was able turn that vision into a finished and useful project. I look forward to working with her again in the future, and would highly recommend her!"

-Kate Saumweber Hogan, Owner and Midwife, Twin Cities Midwifery

See how Twin Cities Midwifery used their data visualizations.

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"Creating a social change playbook and impact map gave us the tools to tell our story in a way that others can grab hold of. We now have a common language for describing where we are going as an organization, and we also know what we should say no to. As an executive director, It’s not often that I find someone who can be a real thought partner. Brandi was a fantastic sounding board every step of the way and helped me to clarify my own vision for the organization."

--Matt Mooney, Executive Director, 99 Balloons

"Strategic direction is too often missing within organizations, non-profits are no different. I found the impact mapping done by Brandi was a great process to go through and tool moving forward as our staff and board makes decisions that deliver the greatest impact. It was the clearest articulation of our work and how it is connected with our vision that I’ve seen in 10 years of being part of this organization."

-Ross Cully, 99 Balloons’ Board Chair and CEO of Harvest Group

See the Impact Maps we created with 99 Balloons.

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The Mother Love logo

"Getting clear on the actual wording of my business purpose has been grounding and it’s changed the conversations I’m having with customers and investors. It’s attracted more people to The Mother Love than I was able to do in the previous two years. I’ve got clarity on where to invest my energy and how to shape my business in the next year."

-Rebecca Egbert, CEO, The Mother Love

Take a look at The Mother Love Social Change Playbook.

Praise from workshop + retreat participants

"Amazing presenter, great energy. One of the best sessions I went to."

"Great presentation style. Interesting topic that made me think about our existing data collection practices."

"Best session of the day."

"I've always thought The Mother Love's work was important, but now I really get it. I'm so excited to dive in deeper."

"I have the language and story to be a better ambassador for the work. I am so energized by the retreat."

"Great presentation! Very informative and useful."

"I appreciate the tangible terms and easy-to-infuse practices for my program - like the charts, worksheet, acronyms, examples we covered."

"Brandi connected real situations and challenges to tangible ways of improving that I could implement right away."